Environmental Policy

We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment. In order to protect, preserve and convey our environment to future generations, we will strive to reduce our environmental impacts resulting from our activities, to continuously improve our environmental performance, and to spread environmental awareness.


• To comply with all applicable legislation regarding the environment,

• To reduce our environmental impact by primarily choosing to use reusable or recyclable materials,

• We will strive to increase the efficiency of our activities and constantly reduce the amount of natural resource consumption in order to leave a livable environment and natural resources that can be used for our future generations,

• Developing systems to identify environmental emergencies and minimize our impact,

• To ensure continuity by organizing training activities related to reducing our significant impacts on the environment and increasing environmental awareness,

• We undertake to set our goals and targets for the continuity and development of our environmental performance and to follow up our practices regularly.

In order to fulfill the environmental commitments set in this policy, our interns, suppliers, contractors and all employees, especially our managers, are responsible for the execution of projects, the effective operation of our Environmental Policy and environmental management system, and the creation of a culture.