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3 Layer Disposable Ultrasonic Mask with 98.34% Protection Certificate

ALİM Group’s foundations were laid in Istanbul in 1998 by Naser ALİM, who is still the chairman of the board of directors. The group operates at the present time in Turkey in 3 different sectors with 2 companies;

Alim Forest Products Industry and Trade Inc. with an annual volume of 250 thousand m3, is Turkey’s and Europe's largest wood-based panels (MDF, chipboard) distributor, Another line of business is medical mask production as Alim Medikal. Daily capacity is over 1 million and 70% of it is exported. In addition to the wholesale of 3-layer masks, retail sales are also made on n11 and trendyol e-commerce sites.

Alim Medical Mask, produced from nonwoven fabric with 3 layers and 3 bellows, has a 98.34% protection (TYPE II R) certificate thanks to the meltblown fabric (filtration feature, high fiber density fluffy fabric) in its middle layer.

  • It is produced with 3 layers and 3 bellows from non-woven fabric with better virus / bacteria filter and air permeability.
  • Nose wires and ear tapes are cut and welded automatically by ultrasonic welding
  • Thanks to the wire tongs, it can be fixed to the nose part.
  • Thanks to the high production speed in the fully automatic production line, the product is produced in a more hygienic environment.
  • It has TYPE II R certificate.
  • Full protection of respiratory channels is provided
  • Does not contain allergic substances and latex
  • It has excellent air permeability
  • Doesn't smell bad
  • Provides easy breathing
  • Being flexible and soft, it fits perfectly to the face.
  • Single use

Our Certificates


You can contact us for your wholesale or retail mask needs. If you wish, you can buy the masks that we sell in boxes of 50 pieces or in gelatin packages of 10 in a box.


Where is Disposable Mask Used?

Disposable masks are essentially masks used during surgical procedures and generally by healthcare professionals. In addition, people with respiratory diseases or suspected of having such diseases should also use it.
It is also used extensively to protect against diseases such as influenza, tuberculosis, COVID-19 and not to infect others if you are a virus carrier. In the statements made by the World Health Organization, it is recommended to use a 3-layer mask to protect against the COVID-19 outbreak.
The three-layer mask creates a physical barrier between the user's mouth and nose and potential infection carriers in the immediate environment. If these masks are used properly, they prevent contact with particles containing viruses and bacteria. On the other hand, using a surgical mask also reduces the risk of hand contamination, as it prevents people from touching their mouths and noses.
Wired surgical masks fit much better on the face thanks to the wire in the nose. In this way, there are no gaps on the top or sides of the mask. Wired surgical masks should be preferred for better protection.
The three-layer mask is made of nonwoven fabric. The polypropylene material placed inside this fabric prevents germs, viruses and bacteria from penetrating. Wearing the mask from nose to chin increases its protection.

Packaging details for wholesale:

Nr of masks for box 50 pieces
Weight of 1 box (50 pcs) 200 gr
Nr. of boxes in one package 2.400
Weight of 1 package 10 kg


Boyut Plastik manufactures edge bands and decorative foils for the furniture industry with a capacity of 1,200 tons/month. Two other engineering products are produced under the brand name "Boyut";

  • 1.400 mm wide ABS sheet, 
  • meltblown fabric with a capacity of 60 tons / month.

Alim Group has 3 companies abroad:

  • Montenegro: Alim Grup D.o.o.
  • Serbia: Boyut Import-Export D.o.o.
  • Macedonia: Alim Grup D.o.o.e.l.
  • Differentiating from its competitors and creating its own unique strategies, Alim Group develops good relations with existing and new business partners at home and abroad with a dynamism open to innovations, and continues to strengthen their trust and satisfaction.


Alim Group, which has one of the strongest distribution networks in the Balkan Area in its sector, has over 300 employees. The group has;

  • Wood-based panel sales warehouse in the free zone in port city of Bar in Montenegro, which serves as the Southeast Europe logistics centre with a closed area of 12 thousand square meters,
  • A warehouse in Belgrade, Serbia where it carries out edge band sales activities for the domestic market in a closed area of 2 thousand square meters, 
  • A new and modern building with a closed area of 20,000 square meters in Istanbul, where it has a head office where it continues its administrative activities and production facilities.
  • Alim Group, which exports half of its production to more than 50 countries, has achieved a rapid growth momentum thanks to its direct investments totaling 200 million TL between 2017-2020. In addition, Alim Grup D.o.o.
  • As our company, the projecting phase of our "trade center" with a value of 4 million USD has been completed and it is planned to be completed in 18 months by laying the foundation in 2021.